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Promotional offer valid until March 31, 2023.

What is a faucet aerator?

The faucet aerator (also called aerator or jet breaker) is a nozzle that is placed at the end of the faucet to save water. This small plumbing component is attached to a grid at the outlet of the faucet. It will allow a filtering of water, a canalization of the jet, but also avoid splashes. But its main use is in water flow: it reduces the consumption of a standard tap by 30 to 70% depending on the flow rate. It does not cause any loss of comfort because its use allows the injection of tiny air bubbles at the water outlet: there is therefore no loss of flow: without realizing it, consumption is greatly reduced.

Installation of your faucet aerators

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  • Home installation and fitting
  • Travel costs included*
  • 1 aerator included**
  • Offer valid until 31 March 2023

  • * In Luxembourg city and within a 5km radius
    ** 8€ per additional faucet aerator subject to compatibility with existing equipment)

Solutions to save water takes the environment into account and is able to help you save water. Here are the devices that can limit your water consumption and allow you to save money:

  • The flow control seal: provides a constant, predetermined flow rate for water and similar fluids, regardless of pressure variations.
  • The thermostatic mixer: installing a thermostatic mixer allows you to adjust the water temperature without having to waste water while waiting for it to heat up.
  • The shower stop: this small device allows you to momentarily suspend the flow of water from your shower. You then get back to the same flow rate and temperature as soon as you want the water to start flowing again.
  • The economical showerhead: The showerhead installed has holes for air intake. The air mixes with the water, allowing the same flow sensation to be maintained, but using less water, since the air has replaced part of the water.

Consumption in figures ...

According to figures from the Luxembourg government, we consume an average of 135 liters of water per day per person!

To know how to save water, you must first understand the distribution of its consumption. The figures show that water is mainly used for personal hygiene (39%). For the rest, it is consumed at :

  • 20% for toilet flushing
  • 22% for laundry and dishwashing
  • 6% for the kitchen
  • 6% for washing the car or watering the garden
  • 1% only for drinking

The World Health Organization (WHO/WHO) estimates the daily drinking water requirement for each person at 100 liters. In Luxembourg we live in a very privileged situation. But also in our country, clean and healthy water requires a special investment and care, so we too must save this “blue gold” and avoid any waste. Water savings are a major issue and can translate into financial savings for Luxembourg households.

To easily reduce water consumption, a technology has been developed: water aerators. installs your water aerators and offers a reduced rate until March 31st 2023!