8 tips to save energy

In daily life, in the newspapers, on social networks, on television: everyone is talking about energy savings today. Turning down the heat, insulating your home, taking cooler showers or turning off the lights are all actions that are regularly in the news. Faced with rising energy prices and the current social context, it is essential to act to save energy. AlloServices.lu explains it all to you…

Reasons to insulate attics of a house are multiple: thermal and acoustic comfort, increase the living space, increase the value of its property, and of course make energy savings. In short, no matter what the reason, the insulation of lost or converted attics remains very profitable.

Indeed, the attic is largely exposed to the cold, the wind, the heat of the sun, etc… Moreover, the hot air tends to rise in the heights. To avoid heat loss in winter or overheating in summer, it is important to insulate them well.

AlloServices.lu is able to take care of your attic insulation to help you save energy.

All homeowners in very noisy, hot or cold areas know this. The box of their roller shutters can often be a source of heat loss or noise pollution.

In addition to being a source of increased energy expenditure, the chamber is also a prime location for dust, moisture and other insects (spiders, mosquitoes, wasps, etc.).

Effective insulation is the solution to avoid these undesirable effects. The figures prove it: the energy and heating savings can reach more than 20% if the insulation is well done.

A good insulation allows to have a thermal comfort in any season. The right insulation with the right materials ensures a stable and regular temperature all year round… it’s a guarantee of well-being!

Let’s talk about money… A poorly insulated home is very expensive! Indeed, insulating your home allows you to reduce your energy bills: you consume less, you pay less. CQFD.

It is one of the most cost-effective investments in energy conservation. You are acting for your own good, for your finances and for the environment, because yes, insulating your house is also an ecological approach!

For several years, household appliances have had an energy label classifying each appliance by a letter from A++ to G (A being the letter corresponding to a very positive energy index and G being considered as poor).

When buying your appliances, remember to look at the energy label. Because, in time, you would risk multiplying your energy expenses and largely losing the few euros saved at the time of purchase. To achieve significant energy savings, AlloServices.lu recommends that you equip yourself with A++ or B-rated household appliances.

If you purchase appliances, we are at your service to install them in your home. Say yes to energy savings and trust our handymen.

Water is precious and vital. In addition to being socially beneficial, saving water can save you money. A lot of money. In order to make some significant energy savings, even the smallest gestures count. Simply install water-saving faucets. As it is an affordable technology, it is not only beneficial to nature but also to your wallet.

Wasting less water means not consuming more than necessary: water-saving mixers and faucets do this important regulation work for us. Moreover, anti-waste does not mean less efficiency or less pressure, quite the contrary. These tools are so functional that using them doesn’t feel like using less water at all: you don’t see a difference in use, but your wallet and the environment do.

A water heater that only heats up halfway or not at all is often due to a large amount of air stagnating in the pipes. As the heat is no longer diffused entirely within the heating circuit, you are forced to increase the temperature and prolong the heating time of your home. Your boiler overheats to compensate for the losses.

This inevitably leads to higher than usual energy consumption and bills. And in these times, it is better to avoid them…

To solve this problem, radiators do need to be purged. To maintain your radiators and make significant energy savings, trust the experts at AlloServices.lu.

In winter, temperatures drop and it is essential to maintain the temperature inside your home rather than outside… To better insulate your home, it may be a good idea to have your windows professionally adjusted.

Switching your windows to winter mode is a quick operation that allows you to compress the seals of your windows more intensely and thus reinforce their resistance to cold.

This is also true in the summer, when temperatures rise and it’s nice to have more outside air in your home. Trust the experts at AlloServices.lu to adjust your windows and achieve great energy savings.

One of the great advantages of LED bulbs is that they are very cost effective. They are even known to be more interesting than energy saving lights.

Thus, a LED bulb will only consume 8W to give a luminous flux of 600 lumens, while a conventional bulb will require 90W.

Studies show that the performance of LED bulbs on the market is doubled every 2 years or so. Call on AlloServices.lu to install new light bulbs to reduce your bills.

As you can see, the central element in all these tips is your wallet. Investing and renovating your energy installations and expenses will allow you to save energy and reduce your ecological impact. Besides the fact that it is positive for the protection of the environment, we must not forget that above all, saving energy is an excellent way to save money! Energy costs are rising, and so is inflation. It has become mandatory to act technically to avoid losing money unnecessarily. Because energy is not free, and saving energy means keeping money in your wallet.

For these different reasons, at AlloServices.lu, we have thought about actions to help Luxembourg households to save energy, in the short and long term. Trust the experts at AlloServices.lu.