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The first hour of intervention is indivisible, beyond that we charge by ½ hour increments. In addition to this labour rate, there are travel expenses and the material necessary for the intervention.

See our rates page.

We obviously come with our own tools, the hardware is also provided in our service (screws, dowels, hooks ...). If it is a question of decorative elements to be installed, the ideal is that you have bought it beforehand (tastes and colours ...!). If you are missing a more technical element (a flush to be replaced for example), we will take care of it after having defined the budget together.

If you are planning a renovation, we encourage you to contact our teams. Our team of qualified professionals will be on hand to discuss your project and take account of your specific needs. A technician will visit your home to assess the scope of the work, estimate the associated costs and determine the equipment needed to complete your renovation project. You will then receive a personalised estimate based on these assessments.

At, we build strong partnerships with companies in Luxembourg. Specialized in professional interventions, our services cover a wide range of customized services, from general maintenance to specialized repairs. Opt for our customized maintenance contracts, guaranteeing regular interventions in line with your requirements, so you can concentrate on your core business with peace of mind.

And that's why you're calling us, so no problem! You can email or text us a photo of the place where we will have to work (inside your wardrobe to add shelves, where you notice a leak...). If necessary, we can come to your home to draw up an estimate! And it's free!

If the fall or breakage is our fault, no problem, we are insured for third party liability and all potential collateral damage is covered. We will replace your lamp.

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