takes care of your bulky items.

To avoid unnecessary storage, call on to get rid of your bulky items.

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Why call us to get rid of your clutter?

In the first instance, hiring professionals to clear out your clutter is a simple solution. Let's face it, there are better ways to spend your weekends and free days. Depending on the amount of clutter and rubbish to be disposed of, you may be faced with a considerable number of hours of work. Some items may be heavy and take up a lot of space, sometimes requiring the rental of a vehicle, which can lead to additional costs. With, you will no longer have to worry about this.

Bulky, or simple waste? Make a difference

When we talk about "bulky", we think of waste, generally bulky in size or weight, which is difficult to remove by the collection services (dustbins). It can be a mattress, a bed base, a wardrobe, tyres, old furniture, or any other large and heavy object. Some bulky goods collection services will take care of removing household appliances, others will not.

Green waste, rubble, or any other type of waste caused by work on your home, is not bulky waste. They will have to be collected and treated accordingly.

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Déchets luxembourg - tout jeter

Can we throw everything away in Luxembourg?

No, it's not. Not everything in Luxembourg is suitable for disposal. Some bulky items require approval or special authorisations that are sometimes difficult to obtain. Here is the list of bulky items that you are not allowed to throw away freely:

  • Objects exceeding 1m3
  • Residual waste, cardboard, boxes or bags filled with residual waste
  • Wallpaper
  • Insulation materials (glass and mineral wool, Styrodur sheets, etc.)
  • Construction waste (gravel, Eternit, etc.)
  • Glass bricks, glass panes, mirrors and windscreens, fluorescent tubes
  • Electric storage heaters or oil heaters
  • Tyres from trucks, tractors and other agricultural machinery
  • Liquids, dangerous substances, flammable and explosive materials
  • etc.

Cleaning up is part of our job!

Do you have bulky items and want to get rid of them? Look no further, opt for simplicity and call on

  • Removals
  • Heavy cardboard boxes
  • Archives
  • Moving furniture
  • Cellars & attics
  • Bulky goods
  • Garden waste
  • And more...
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