Une offre dédiée aux Professionnels

AlloServices.lu has been developing its expertise for several years to offer a wide range of services to professionals. Whether you need toset up a new work space, maintain your premises on a regular basis, set up a window display, or renovate a property before selling it, we bring you the right team and services!

A complete range ofinterventions for professionals

From small jobs to larger projects, here are some examples of services we offer for professionals in Luxembourg:

  • Small jobs: heating, plumbing, doors and locks, windows and shutters, chimney sweeping, moving archives or furniture…
  • Fitting out and renovation: fitting out offices and partitions, installing furniture, replacing doors and windows, installing kitchens, etc.
  • Energy performance upgrad es: energy audit, installation of LED bulbs, heating control, water saving, etc…
  • Plumbing work: changing faucets, repairing leaks, installing HVAC, etc.
entreprise multiservices pour professionnels au Luxembourg

Time savings, the key to success for Luxembourg professionals

After a clear description of your needs, our experts will establish an estimate of the intervention time and the material necessary to carry out the work you need. No unpleasant surprises: you get an adapted rate!

In order to save time for our professional customers, we seek to assess needs very quickly from a distance. Our experts will evaluate the amount of time and material needed for the intervention and will be able to offer you a quote very quickly!



To ensure that the work is done by experienced professionals



To ensure that your small jobs are completed as quickly as possible



To benefit from a rate adapted to your real needs.



To establish a relationship of trust between Luxembourg professionals

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